Africare’s Upgrade to Gas

Africare Nigeria, in partnership with McCann Global Health, and funded by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (the Alliance), has embarked on a behavioural change communication campaign to increase demand for clean cookstoves across Nigeria. The goal of the Upgrade to Gas national initiative is to help increase household adoption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and LPG cookstoves (clean cookstoves), for improved health, improved livelihoods, and positive effects on the environment.

Arabale, in consultation with Africare Nigeria, has measured the total return on investment (TROI) that will be realized from the initiative over the next 5 years even after the initiative ends. To assess the total impact of the initiative, a logical theory of change was mapped by identifying key stakeholders and their intended and/ or unintended changes, inputs into the initiative, outputs derived from the initiative, and initiative outcomes. All inputs make up to the total investment in the initiative and initiative outcomes were measured in financial terms to give the total value. The net present value of the ratio of total value to total investment gives the TROI. Our report describes the process, results, and recommendations from measuring the TROI for Upgrade to Gas. Continue reading Africare’s Upgrade to Gas