If Content is King, Context is God.

To measure the total return on investment (TROI) as a result of the activities of a program or project, we should always consider the context. That is, we should consider the reason for the project, the problem it intends to solve, the people it is supposed to benefit, is it part of a larger project, or as a result of another project, the underlying or prevailing conditions of the project at the time and so on. From government laws and policies, to the prevailing economic conditions such as foreign exchange rates and interest on loans, to environmental conditions such as the weather, we must consider the overall impact or non-impact of the context. Continue reading If Content is King, Context is God.

We Measure Total Value

We use the Total Value framework and Impact Map to measure the real changes that are relevant to the people and the organizations that contribute to and/or are affected by a program or initiative. The Total Value framework is based on social accounting principles and cost-benefit analyses, and is guided by key principles.