Key Elements of Great Website Design (An Ebook)

Websites are great marketing tools. They provide information, engage customers, send email, and sell products or services. They are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, long after the business has closed and the owners have gone home.

But a poorly designed and developed website can push potential customers away rather than attract them. If the website is slow to load, does not provide clear or accurate information, is not interactive or engaging, is not attractive, viewers will not stay long on the site and may not patronize the business at all.

There are key elements that are required to make a website great. They include aligning the website functionality to the business requirements and marketing strategy, branding, matching the look and feel with the brand, providing accurate information and resources, and generally ensuring that the website meets the standard requirements of a great website design. This eBook outlines those key elements.

You can buy the book on Okadabooks here – Key Elements of Great Website Design