Black Panther & Its Calabar Connection

Ekpe is a secret society among the Efik of Cross River state in Nigeria. They were the legislative, judicial, and executive power before colonisation, especially among the Efik who exerted much influence across the state. Long before Akwa Ibom and Cross River were separated. Young boys are initiated into Ekpe at puberty. Girls are not allowed to join but women are given due respect according to their standing in the community and if from the royal house. Continue reading Black Panther & Its Calabar Connection

If Content is King, Context is God.

To measure the total return on investment (TROI) as a result of the activities of a program or project, we should always consider the context. That is, we should consider the reason for the project, the problem it intends to solve, the people it is supposed to benefit, is it part of a larger project, or as a result of another project, the underlying or prevailing conditions of the project at the time and so on. From government laws and policies, to the prevailing economic conditions such as foreign exchange rates and interest on loans, to environmental conditions such as the weather, we must consider the overall impact or non-impact of the context. Continue reading If Content is King, Context is God.

What is the Total Value of Having Children?

I was having a conversation with my 11-year old nephew this evening and he remarked that his 3-year old baby sister asked him to give her her privacy. I said yes he should give her her privacy. He said he was surprised she even knew the word. He then added that younger kids seemed to be learning faster these days. This kicked off a short conversation on why kids learn faster.

I told him that it made sense because the younger kids had more teachers than the older ones. That if he thought about it, when he was born, he was the first. He had no older sibling. It was just him, mommy and daddy. So he had only two teachers in the home, apart from his other teachers when he started school. Continue reading What is the Total Value of Having Children?

TROI Self Assessment

To understand if you or your organization is considering the Total Return on Investment of your program, ask yourself the following questions:
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The Principles of Total Value

The Seven Principles of Total Value are a principle based framework for accounting for, measuring and managing total value. They have been drawn from principles underlying social accounting and audit, sustainability reporting, cost benefit analysis, financial accounting, and evaluation practice. They are generally accepted social accounting principles. Continue reading The Principles of Total Value

Our TROI Proposal

Do you know the total value that your program creates for all its stakeholders? Beyond the financial benefits of increased revenue and/or reduced costs, what other benefits does your program create for all the people and organizations that impact and are impacted by your program? Can you measure it?
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