Nigeria 2.0 - Total Value Impact Assessment

We measure and report the total value created. Value is created when something important changes for people and organizations. Total value includes the social, economic and environmental value created. When we measure total value, we can maximize the value we create. We focus on Nigeria but give World examples.

About Us

Nigeria 2.0 is a collection of essays and case studies identifying and measuring the total value created by programs and initiatives across Nigeria and comparing them with programs and initiatives from around the world.

Identifying total value is important because it helps us identify what is important to people. Identifying what is important to people helps us focus resources on creating what is important to people, that is creating total and real value. Measuring total value is critical to understanding the real value created by a program and how important that program is. The more value a program creates, the more valuable the program is. While the less value a program creates, or the more negative value a program creates, the less valuable that program is.

If you want to engage us to measure the total value of  your programs or initiatives or to give a talk, kindly contact us.