See how one housing group in Scotland is getting value from TROI …

Link Group is one of Scotland’s leading social housing, regeneration and support organizations, providing services to 10,000 families and individuals in 26 Scottish local authority areas. They were formed in 1962 to provide housing for rent to low income earners and for people with specific housing needs including the elderly and people with disabilities.

They apply the principles of TROI across their activities to help them improve their services and win contracts. They started applying TROI as far back as 2008 to demonstrate the total value of their services, not just on a ‘cost benefit’ level, and then potentially use this to improve service delivery and develop partnerships with identified stakeholders.

With TROI, they have been able to secure more funding and contracts and improve and develop new partnership relationships. They have been able to evaluate and improve services by informing key decisions about delivery and improving the quality of surveys and feedback across large areas of the organization. They have enhanced their reputation as a sector innovator by promoting TROI at workshops and events across Scotland and beyond. They have also seen an increase in staff morale because the TROI reports show the difference they are making in people’s lives, and the reports also help spread information about key services across the Link group.

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