The Benefits of Measuring Total Value

So if we say total value is important and we should identify and measure it, the question you must be asking is why? What are the benefits of total value? There are many benefits of total value, some of which we highlight below. However, we will expand on so many more benefits in our Case Studies as we go along.  

  1. Show More Value Is Created. Identifying and Measuring total value will show how much more value is created by your program for the society and the environment, and not just the financial value.
  2. Maximize Total Value Created. If we can identify and measure total value, we can maximize total value by improving your processes and your business which could ultimately lead to even more financial benefits.
  3. Identify Key Stakeholders. By applying the principles of social value and identifying the key stakeholders, you involve the people that matter the most. They in turn appreciate being included in the program that’s supposed to benefit them the most.
  4. Involve Key Stakeholders. By involving the key stakeholders in the process from the beginning, the focus is on what matters to them the most from the onset. This increases the likelihood of the program delivering the benefits it claims. Client engagement is critical for any program or business initiative to be successful.
  5. Increase Competitive Advantage. Increase your competitive advantage by showing your program delivers even more value, including social and environmental value, than your competition does.
  6. Demonstrate Impact to Society. By demonstrating the total value created by your program, you show the value created for society, that is, the non-financial benefits created for the stakeholders, benefits like increased confidence, which could lead to greater creativity, new initiatives, new business ideas, and more economic and non-economic rewards.
  7. Develop Better Communication. By involving the key stakeholders and asking what matters to them, you develop better communication techniques and habits which lead to increased information flow and increases the chances of success.
  8. Gain More Contracts. By demonstrating total value, including the social and environmental benefits, you increase your competitive advantage and your chances of gaining the contracts you seek. While your competition only show the financial value they can create, you demonstrate that not only does your process deliver financial value, but it also has an impact on people’s’ lives, the society and the environment.
  9. Attract More Funding. As a result of being able to show just how much total value your initiative can create, investors and funders are more willing to invest in your initiative. They see that you can create financial value but also non-financial value which does more for the people, the community and the environment.
  10. Increase Your Brand. As you come to be known as an organization that focusses on creating more than financial value, an organization that cares about the people, the society and the environment, you increase the attractiveness of your brand and your standing in society.

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