A Conversation with Sefi Atta, Author

EverythingGoodSefi Atta is the author of two published books, Everything Good will Come and Swallow, and is currently working on her third a collection of short stories which will be published in the UK. She has written several stage and radio plays, some of which have been broadcast on BBC radio, and several short stories for which she has won awards and been short listed for others.

We recently had the opportunity to sit and chat with Ms. Atta over the phone. We found the author warm, personable, interesting, and extremely smart. But that’s only to be expected of a Queen’s College girl. In the words of Ms. Atta, at barely 52 minutes in length, this is the “longest and most in-depth” interview she has ever done.

Here is the conversation:

Ms. Atta lives in Meridian, Mississippi, with her husband, a Nigerian-trained doctor, and daughter.

To learn more about Sefi Atta and her writing and about her next book, visit her website: Sefi Atta’s Website.

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